Ages 4-8

This is the perfect age for a magic show. Children at this age love puppets, colour, noise, participation, laughter, silly faces, and simplicity.

Kevin’s show for this age group involves all of the above, including children’s favourite, Twinky the puppet rabbit who desperately wants to become a magician and turns the tables on Kevin in a fun filled finale.

Ages 9+

Kevin’s show completely changes for this age group, containing top class age-appropriate comedy magic containing ‘danger’ and suspense ideal to make them feel more like ‘grown-ups’ without losing the wonder and laughter of a child.

Kevin’s much sought after ‘Magic School’ is also ideal for this age group. They not only get to enjoy a great act but also have a 30 minute hands-on magic workshop where they learn to make a balloon hat to take home for themselves, and also learn a card trick that will amaze adults and friends alike.